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Class - B ISP (Internet Service Provider) Service Area Madhya Pradesh

How many computers can I connect to the Commercial Service?

With our commercial service, there is no limit on how many computers you can connect to the system. For more help sizing your network, contact sales.

Can I share the Internet connection with the rest of the computers in my office?

Yes, Our service was designed with multiple computer connections in mind. Our service is symmetrical (same upload as a download) which provides a reliable Internet computing environment for businesses.

Does rain or other weather conditions affect service?

Our network is designed to withstand the effect of rain on Wi-Fi signals. We provide a 99.99% uptime.

What other equipment is needed?

All a customer will need to connect our service is a firewall or router to secure its own network. The equipment and cables necessary to bring the connection into your building are provided by Airline Internet.

Can I run a server on this connection?

Yes, Clients can run any number of servers through Key West Broadband’s Internet service.

Do I have to have a phone line (landline) or cable to get set-up?

No, The internet service is provided wirelessly through a Radio Frequency Service.

How long is the installation time for Wireless Broadband, Fiber Optic and Ready Port?

After a site survey, we need 3 working days for Wireless Broadband, 7 working days for Fiber Optic, and 3 working days for Ready Port.

How long is the wait to get service?

We average 2-3 business days and have installed service on the same day. Because Airline Internet Wi-Fi technology is not dependent on or limited by, your local phone company and its copper wires, service can be installed quickly.

Where is the service available?

See Coverage Map or contact sales for coverage updates.

Do I receive a static IP address?

Yes, as a Business Broadband service provider, we include a static IP address for each account. Static IP’s are necessary to run VPN’s and many Internet-based services

DSL is not available at our location. Will that prevent our company from getting Airline Internet Service Provider?

No, Our systems do not utilize any type of phone equipment; we’re completely independent.

If I rent my home/apt, can I still get service?

Yes, with permission from the landlord or owner.

What is considered a “standard” installation?

A standard installation includes the mounting of the external radio, running the wire indoors through one small opening, and hooking up the Power Over Ethernet (POE). The installer will run a test to ensure the radio is working at the desired location.

Do I own the equipment once I pay the installation fee?

No, All equipment is the property of Airline Internet. The installation fee is paid only for the set-up process.

I usually pay the same amount every month, why is my bill different this month?

You can check the details of your bill by using the interactive button on Airline Internet website and choosing self care portal Section.

Is Airline Interent faster than DSL?

Yes, Airline Internet service is guaranteed fast. Our network is symmetrical and Airline Internet gives you the flexibility to increase service levels in the future. Businesses today need fast access to both upload and download, DSL connections do not support symmetrical access, providing only a minimum upload speed and inconsistent download speeds. Slow upload speeds from DSL make it difficult to run VPN’s, remote video monitoring, Web servers, and other Internet applications.

What is Fixed Wireless Broadband?

Fixed wireless broadband is a method of delivering high-speed data utilizing a Fixed Wi-Fi connection between two fixed points. Airline Internet owns and operates the largest independent wireless broadband network in the MP. Airline eliminates the Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) hold Class-B ISP License in India. All IP traffic is transported over our own Wi-Fi network utilizing high capacity Wi-Fi technology end to end.

How is Airline Internet Fixed Wireless Broadband service provided?

Airline Internet installs a Wi-Fi CPE (Outdoor Microwave transceiver) on the roof or exterior of our customer’s building. We then extend an Ethernet CAT 5e network cable from this CPE down to the customer premise for connectivity into the customer’s network.

How reliable is the Airline Interent fixed Wi-Fi (Wireless) technology?

Our technology uses a fixed beam or transmission from one radio to another as opposed to the wireless technologies that support the mobility of a cell phone, those technologies can lose connectivity when mobile or going from cell site to cell site. Airline Internet uses Deliberants, Radmax, and Ubiquiti, technology- fixed wireless systems that support ranges of approximately 5 Km or less and never changes or moves. This provides greater reliability and allows Airline Interent to provide a 99.99% uptime.

How fast is Airway Broadband Service? (and how is Airline Internet different from DSL or Cable?)

We provide our customers with dedicated connections that provide speeds of 512 Kbps (kilobit per second) to 10 Mbps (megabit per second). DSL connections are “best effort” type technologies and do not provide a consistent or fixed bandwidth. The speed of the DSL connection varies widely from location to location and even by the time of day as more or fewer customers get on the network.

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