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The Airline offers Toll-Free Solutions, popularly known as the 1800 number which is a special telephone number. This is free to the calling party and charged to Enterprise.
Airline Toll-Free has now become an important business and branding tool for Enterprises to enable their customers to reach them anytime, anywhere at no cost.

Key Advantages of Enterprises

  • Business portability irrespective of location
  • Larger company image & branding
  • Better market reach
  • Ease of use for the end customer(calling party)

Key Features

  • The airline offers following business features which are beneficial to Enterprises
  • Termination of Toll-free on PRI or even SIM card
  • Vanity number as per business requirement
  • Multiple routing options based on Time based routing, Geographic Routing, and conditional routing.
  • Whitelisting and Blacklisting of calling party numbers
  • Termination of Toll-FREE onto hosted IVR customized as per Enterprise requirement

Typical Use Cases

  • Lead generation
  • Customer servicing & after sales support
  • Status Enquiry, booking and appointment management
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